Walk the Walk: Amb

Learn these words derived from the Latin verb ambulare, meaning "to walk or go about."

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  1. amble
    walk leisurely
    Coraline ambled across the meadow toward the old tennis court, dangling and swinging the black key on its piece of string as she walked.Coraline
  2. ambulance
    a vehicle that takes people to and from hospitals
    In the ambulance en route to the hospital, Vivian sat up front with the driver, who was also a paramedic.Silent To The Bone
  3. ambulate
    walk about or move from one place to another
    En route, one of my heels broke off, requiring me to ambulate in a gait even less dignified than my trot: half tiptoeing, half limping.New York Times (Apr 15, 2015)
  4. ambulatory
    relating to or adapted for walking
    Twin B rehearsed all the ambulatory milestones — crawling, walking, cycling, skating, etc. — while his twin watched, then copied the skill when it was mastered.New York Times (Aug 20, 2018)
  5. funambulist
    an acrobat who performs on a tightrope or slack rope
    A female funambulist, Maria Spelterini, on various occasions tightrope-walked across the Niagara Gorge with peach baskets on her feet, blindfolded, or manacled.New York Times (Jun 14, 2012)
  6. perambulate
    walk with no particular goal
    The audience perambulates around the building following the six singers and three versatile musicians: cello, violin and harpsichord.The Guardian (Jan 12, 2013)
  7. preamble
    a preliminary introduction, as to a statute or constitution
    Its language bears an extraordinary similitude to the preamble of the Constitution of the United States, in its spirit and idea.Drake, Samuel Adams
  8. scramble
    climb awkwardly, as if by rushing hastily
    I began to scramble up the slippery rocks in the direction of the bark.Rebecca
  9. somnambulate
    walk in one's sleep
    Young men somnambulated toward photographers in board shorts and leis — their face a waxy glow and fake blood dripping from the corners of their mouth.Washington Post (Jul 15, 2015)
  10. somnambulist
    someone who walks about in their sleep
    People turned away, and from that moment they walked more slowly, like somnambulists, as if they no longer knew where they were going.The New Yorker (May 29, 2017)
Created on May 30, 2019 (updated August 12, 2019)

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